Super Spectrum Kids

A dietary supplement designed to provide the nutritional needs of the developing nervous system with extra support for brain, blood, and mitochondrial health.

Super Spectrum Kids

A dietary supplement, designed to provide the nutritional needs of the developing nervous system, with extra support for individuals with autism.

What's Inside


Vitamins are essential cofactors for various enzymes that must be obtained through the diet. Several play roles in the development of the central nervous system in both fetal development and throughout childhood. Multiple vitamins have been found to be below normal healthy levels in children with autism, including... (read more)


Deficiencies in several trace minerals have been linked to autism spectrum disorder. This is highlighted by the fact that adolescents with autism suffer from low rates of bone mineralization and adults with autism later have an increased risk of of fractures. Hair mineral analysis of children with autism confirmed lower... (read more)

Why It Works

Neurological Health

Autism spectrum disorder is predominantly a neurodevelopmental disorder. Although the exact causes and relationships between neurological functions in this disorder are not fully understood, several neuropathological markers and symptoms are... (read more)

Blood Health

Anemia in children and pregnant women is a strong correlating factor with the incidence of autism spectrum disorder. Similarly, several vitamins that are important for the proper production of blood cells have been linked to autism as well. Deficiencies... (read more)

Mitochondrial Health

Patients with autism have high levels of markers for oxidative stress and low levels of antioxidants in their plasma. They also have low levels of the molecules ATP, NADH, and NADPH, which transport energy for cellular reactions. Increased risk of fractures... (read more)

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Consumer Reviews

"I am thrilled to see a product like this out on the market with scientific research behind it. Autism (ASD) is a complex developmental disorder that affects the brain's normal development of social and communication skills. In development, humans require certain nutrients first from their mother and then from food consumed in order to grow properly. In a disorder that development has been compromised, it is even more imperative that those nutrients are present in addition to diet. Super Spectrum Kids Vitamins has made it possible to get clinically researched nutraceuticals for the growing nervous system in those with Autism available in a simple to take unflavored dissolvable powder. We all want our children to thrive. Super Spectrum Kids is one step closer to making that possible."

- Dr. Kristin Shay, DC


"This product is brilliant. Let’s fill those nutritional gaps! For adults, nutrition means food. For the developing brains of children it’s everything. Essential nutrients are necessary for healthy brain development and function and a product like this ensures your child is getting all they need!"

- Dr. Charles S Hurst


“A few days in and already my son is calmer and not as reactive!“

- Tonya


“I recently started giving my 14 year old autistic son the Spectrum Kids supplement. At first, I was worried about giving it to him because he is really picky about taste. It’s a powder and it tastes like vitamins. However, it blends into drinks really easy. His favorite is a protein shake.

My son tolerated the vitamins well. No tummy issues at all and that has been an issue in the past. I noticed immediately that within a couple of days he was more alert, and his words were clearer. His speech and OT therapists commented on the same things. He is sleeping great and seems to have more energy during the day. His concentration has improved as well. I am really happy with everything so far. I think continued use will be easy and we may keep seeing more improvements. So far so good.“

- Virginia


“We are a week in and these vitamins are a game changer for us!!! I’m so glad we decided to try these! He has almost complete mental clarity. We homeschool here because the school thought mental abuse was okay. Before I couldn’t get a for five minutes in and he wasn’t getting that much learning in that way. He was very hyper active and loud with no attention span. He has ADHD, ASD and SPD. We started seeing changes on day two. He now has mental clarity, school work is a breeze and he doesn’t seem to be seeking so much sensory input anymore. $37 a month is such a small price to pay for all the good things that have come from these vitamins and also knowing he is getting healthy from the inside out! He actually reminds me twice a day that it is time for his vitamin and he helps me prepare it! Happy Momma! Finally, something that works!!”

- Sarah

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